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Key West Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Triple Time Charters specializes in offshore, deep sea, and reef fishing.
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Have a Blast Fishing Charters; that should be our name. At Triple Time Charters, we strive to put the emphasis on FUN fishing.

We specialize in offshore, deep sea sport fishing, but we can also show you the enjoyment of fishing close in, near the reefs, or in a secret spot.

Key West fishing is a way of life for us, not a job.

We are a family of fishermen with more than 50 years of fishing the local waters of Key West and the Florida Keys. This stuff is in our blood. For the captain and crew alike, it is still just as thrilling for us to land a big one (or the little one) as it is to the first-timer.

Spend some quality time fishing with the Triple Time and you will quickly determine that we love what we do, do what we love, and do it well. Having fished these waters for over fifty years starting with Joe Mercurio Sr. in the 40’s and 50’s and being passed on, we have developed a sense of ecological awareness.

Key West’s warm waters offer a large variety of deep sea fishing opportunities. You can target sailfish and marlin in the deep blue of the nearby Gulf stream; troll for your dinner of dolphin (mahi mahi or dorado), fish the reef for snapper or catch the big jacks. Our fishing calendar will help you decide what to target depending on the time of year. 

Key West fishing with Capt. Joe

Experience Triple Time

We invite you aboard the Triple Time to experience the exhilaration of fishing with the experience fifty years brings to the hook.

Join Captain Joe and mate Keith Hebert who has also been a captain for over 20 years.

The fish are always biting in Key West, but we have a fishing calendar you can check for the best times to fish the local species.

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You will find the spacious comfort and power of the boat, the Triple Time, a 46′ Bertam yacht, a short history of your captain, and above all you will see smiling faces. That is what fishing is all about aboard the Triple Time.

Offshore Fishing in Key West

Sport Fishing at its Best!

Since the days of legendary sportsmen (think the likes of Ernest Hemingway), Key West has been on the charts as the best offshore sportsfishing destination in the US.

Offshore fishing means fast-paced action and adventure! Tight lines, taut with the scream of the reel as a behemoth of a fish on hook dives for the deep; hanging on for the long run of a big game fish straining the tackle to its limit!

Targeted species include sailfish, marlin, swordfish, tuna, wahoo, barracuda, dolphin (mahi mahi or dorado) grouper, kingfish, cobia, amberjack, snapper and of course, sharks!

It’s no secret that fishing offshore for the billfish such as marlin or other big game fish demands a very experienced captain and crew. Captain Joe’s decades of fishing Key West waters means hooking these big creatures of the sea is inevitable. With the right equipment, the right time of year, the right moon phase, and a dedication to catching big game, your fish is on!

Four Generations of Fishing Captains!

There is now a fourth-generation captain in the Mercurio family!


Charter Boat Captains

Captain Joe Mercurio Sr. looks over the shoulders of his three heirs from a portrait in this family photo. Originally from Pittsburgh, the Mercurios were living in Cincinnatti, Ohio, when Joe Senior’s health took a turn, his doctor prescribed a move to a warmer climate. The family moved to Miami at first, but a trip to the fabulous Florida Keys lured the family to Key West. Now the youngest captain, Joe Mercurio IV (center), carries on the family tradition.