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Fishing Calendar

Find out what fish are biting in Key West

Key West Fishing Calendar

A lot of Key West fish are migratory, so certain fish bite at different times of the year.

Our wintertime fishing includes sailfish, wahoo, mackerel (king, cero, Spanish), jacks (rainbow, crevalle, amber).

Sailfish migrate down the east coast from the middle of March to the middle of May, then again in late October through December.

There is a chance of catching Dolphin (also called Mahi Mahi) year-round, but the best months are May through August; when they are here, there is a chance of catching a marlin (blues or the rare whites).

You’ll always find plenty biting on the reef; Key West is known for great reef fishing year-round.

There is a lot of action with mackerel and barracuda and it is always fun on 20 lb spinning tackle.

Key West Fishing Seasons

  • Sailfish – September – June
  • Marlin – May – August
  • Tuna – September – May (in the Atlantic)
  • Kingfish – January – March (in the Atlantic AND Gulf)
  • Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) – Year Round, best chance May – August
  • Cobia – November – June (mostly in the Gulf)
  • Mackerel & Jacks – Septtember – June
  • Barracuda – Year Round
  • Reef Action – Year Round / Mackerel in the winter

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